Hack.02: Circa, legal pad style…

12 10 2007
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I’ve often wondered why Levenger has never made their popular Circa line in a legal pad format, so after a little digging around, I found that I had the right supplies handy to make one.

I punched the cover of the letter-sized notebook using the punch set at 0. I was surprised to find that the desk punch had no problems getting through the Levenger plastic covers. I had read elsewhere (I think) that it was a bit of a challenge, but mine went through them pretty easily.

I used the closest rings at hand, which happened to be the biggest ones (1.5", I believe?).

I filled the legal pad with HP 32# Premium Laser Presentation paper, which is nice and heavy. It’s one of my favorites, although it’s outrageously expensive. It takes ink from fountain pens nicely, though. It’s printed with one of the Cornell note-taking templates that can be created for free at Incompetech (such an awesome site!). For spacing, I set the desk punch at 0.5, and I think it’s just about perfectly spaced, give or take a 16th of an inch or two.

So, for those of you who live and die by your legal pads, but wish that Circa was available…now it is. Enjoy!




2 responses

14 10 2007
Patrick Rhone

I hope the Levenger folks take you cue and do up an official version of this. I would seriously buy one in the Junior size with a leather cover.

15 10 2007

That’s my hope too, Patrick. Hopefully their product development team has something like this in the works, because I’m not hacking my black leather foldover!

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