Call for help: Oasis Planning pad users!

15 10 2007

As I’ve described earlier in the post about hacking the Oasis padholder, gravity didn’t play nicey-nice with the planning pad, and the gum adhesive lost the battle.

Now I’ve got this planning pad with only a few sheets torn out of it, and no way to attach it back to the padholder. I’m thinking about potentially hacking it back together with a set of Circa rings and a sheet of corrugated cardboard, but I fear that this’ll stretch the leather more than I’d like. So…anyone else have any suggestions? Perhaps a sheet of thin/thinnish plastic?

Come on, all you Monday morning thinkers…I know you’re on your 6th cup of coffee already. Any suggestions? Leave ’em in the comments.




One response

22 10 2007

Update: Looked long and hard at the corrugated cardboard idea, but I’ve officially scrapped it. Anyone have any ideas where I could find some thin plastic sheeting in 11×17? I don’t mind getting out the scissors/X-Acto/etc. to chop it down to size – just having a mind blank when it comes to figuring out where to locate one. Suggestions welcomed!

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