Moleskine & Pens: The search continues…

16 10 2007

Still looking for the perfect Moleskine pens for a lefty who tries his best to write as microscopically as possible.  I’ve tried dozens of fountain pens with little or no luck.  They all feather or don’t dry fast enough, leaving me with cracked-out looking handwriting, or a blue hand and smears. 

Looking for some of these Japanese uber-fine pens like the Hi-Tec C, the Uniball Signo Bit, and others.  Unfortunately, I’m suffer (to a certain degree) from instant gratification syndrome, and I want to actually buy these things locally. 

No dice, it seems.  And I’m just impatient enough that I’ll not want to place an order from JPens or JetPens.  Horrible, isn’t it?

If you’ve got one of these that you don’t want/need/like, drop me a line.  Otherwise, what’s your favorite?  Leave me some commentary, please!




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16 10 2007
Patrick Rhone

FWIW, I use a Namiki Vanishing Point FP with a custom XXF nib from Richard’s Pens. I use Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink in it. No feathering, looks great. I am not a left though so it may not be for your tastes. That being said, have you tried a more fine nib and/or thicker ink (like Pelican 4001) in some of those pens of yours for this purpose?

16 10 2007

Patrick, thanks for the suggestion. I have, in fact, used a few VPs (between my wife and I, we have three – and four nibs), but never really got the consistency that I was hoping for. I don’t have one of Binder’s XXF nibs, though (his and hers stub italics, though – awesome nibs!). Might have to try one someday. I’ve never had much of any luck with Noodler’s inks, either, although admittedly, I haven’t tried Bulletproof Black. The one pen that I’ve had the “most” success with (which is limited, at best) is a Cross Solo with a Pilot/Namiki XF (more like a western XXF – maybe even finer).

I keep hearing these wonderful things about the Hi-Tec C and Signo Bit, though. One of these days I’ll find some of ’em. There’s a Japanese specialty shop in the Rosedale Ctr. that I’ll have to check out next week. Maybe they’ve got some!

16 10 2007
Patrick Rhone

Hmmm… I have not checked out that store in Rosedale. Was not even aware of it’s existence. Perhaps you can wait for me and we can go together.

FWIW, I would be happy to bring some of my inks if we have a meetup when you are in town. I have some of the Noodler’s and some of the Pelikan 4001. Bring a couple of empty pens and let’s fill ’em up. That way you can at least try before you buy.

17 10 2007

I’ll definitely take you up on the offer for the Bulletproof Black. As far as the Pelikan goes…the blue is my go-to ink on a daily basis. Great stuff! Thanks!

13 11 2007
Michael Montgomery

I use a (cost-effective) Waterman Phileas, and Noodler’s Bulletproof Black.

Excellent, both of them. As a right-hander, the Phileas with a medium nib works well. And the Noodler’s is the best ink I’ve ever seen, by a long margin.

13 11 2007

Michael, thanks for your comment and suggestion. I’ve used a Phileas or two, and really liked them. They’re definitely a great pen. The problem, for me, was that I really like a needle-point. The fines and even extra fines didn’t do it for me.

I’ve got a little Noodler’s BP Black in a TrueWriter right now, and while it’s probably one of the best black inks out there, it doesn’t dry fast enough for me. I’m a ham-fisted southpaw and my hand tends to get awful inky when using inks that don’t dry almost immediately. The same holds true for most of the Private Reserve inks. I think that despite the lack of archival quality, my best bet is going to be to stick with Waterman, Pelikan, Lamy/Montblanc, and Sheaffer Skrip. Less color variety, but also less inky hands.

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