Motivational Friday #1: Wisdom from Walt Disney

26 10 2007

Stumbled across a great discussion on Marketing Profs about customer service yesterday and empowering employees to be true "evangelists" about their company, product, or brand.  There were some great perspectives shared, and I really hope the conversation continues.  Paul Williams of Idea Sandbox made the original post. 

At any rate, I finally got the chance to check out his blog, and stumbled (man, I’m a clumsy feller these days) across some sage wisdom from Walt Disney.  There’s been a ton of leadership information that’s been written by various different authors (including a great piece from Drew McLellan, editor of The Age of Conversation – get the Disney piece here), but personally, I haven’t found that much that’s been quite so personal.  Check out the Cocktail Napkin Wisdom below, and poke around the rest of Paul’s great site while you’re at it!

I don’t know that there’s anything else that can be said about remarkability.

Go out and be remarkable today!  To your customers, co-workers, colleagues, peers, friends, (insert group of humans here).




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