Another review? Good grief! (Libelle pen cases)

30 10 2007

I know, I know.  I’m hot and cold.  Some days you’ll never hear anything, the next thing, there’s four new posts.  What can I say?  I write when the inspiration strikes (and time allows).  It’s pretty rare that these things happen, so I try to cram a bunch in when I have a few free minutes.

Recently, the topic of pen cases came up on a user forum that I’m a member of and it reminded me that I hadn’t mentioned these before.  For a long time now, I’ve been a fan of Libelle’s leather pen cases.  They’re exceptionally nice quality, and the value is terrific. 

I’ve got two of my own – a 2-pen pouch and a 5-pen wrap, and my wife has a 2-pen pouch as well.  My wife probably beats up on hers more than I do mine, as it rides back and forth to work in her purse.  It’s worn incredibly well, and the leather has become glove-soft.








The leather on these cases is just awesome.  Super-soft, with just enough padding to take good care of your pens.  If I could have a portfolio (or even better, maybe a Circa something-or-other!) made from this leather, I’d be in hog heaven.



At any rate, they’re very well-made, and they’ve carried our pens for quite a while now.  Never any problems…and plenty of good looks!

Lots of retailers carry them.

Here’s a couple more quick snaps.




4 responses

15 10 2009
VS Romero

Hi! Great review. I just got mine in the mail, and I have a question: The cloth interior: does it scratch the soft metal of some of the pen surfaces?


19 10 2009

At first, I was nervous that it would. But after a few months of using it with nearly everything I own, I really didn’t see much in the way of damage or indications of use. It does feel sort of coarse, I know, but it doesn’t seem to scratch anything of mine. Good luck with yours!

19 10 2009
VS Romero

Thanks! I’m stoked!

There’s a pen I plan on getting, and it has golden rings ’round it (the Sailor 1911 Demonstrator), and I was afraid of it getting scratched up.

I know you already answered my question, but what’s your take on the Sailor getting scratches?

19 10 2009

Be careful with it, but I wouldn’t imagine you’ll have too many issues with scratches. Over time, it may happen, but I’d guess that it’ll be more from your continued use of the pen than from the case. Just my two cents, though. Good choice on the pen, by the way; I had a black & silver 1911 for a while, and it really was a nice pen!

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