Review: Greg Minuskin Stub Italic

26 11 2007

Let’s do this one quickly, because I’m short on time today. 

Awesome nib.  Smooth, enough tooth to not be slippery, terrific line variation.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it because I thought it might be too broad.  It didn’t take long, though, and I was hooked.  This is amazing. 

Here’s a few writing samples.  Enjoy!

Hmm…that doesn’t look as crisp as I’d like it to on my monitor.  I’ll re-scan it and see what can be done with it.  It does, however, give you a taste of what the line variation looks like.

Here’s the full sample.




4 responses

23 12 2007
Brian Gray

Hey Ryan.

I thought that there is a difference between a stub and an italic.

What is a stub italic?

I’ve been experimenting with grinding my own nibs, and I’m not sure which I’m making!!!!!

24 12 2007

Brian, great question, as it brings up a semantic discussion that I probably should have clarified in my original post. The way I understand it, there are three main types of italics; a crisp, a cursive, and a stub. The crisp is just that. Almost a straight, chisel-type cut that’ll dig into the paper if you’re not careful with it. Gives the most line variation. The cursive is very similar, but the edges are just a little softer. Easier to write with, but still might take a little getting used to. The stub is the grind with the softest edges. For me (personally), it’s the easiest one to write with on a daily basis. Greg’s nib hits that mark so squarely that it’s not even funny. Writes really nicely, and adds just enough flair to make a letter look interesting.

However, as soon as I say that, there’s a nib that comes along every so often that totally blows that out of the water. On Friday (and there’ll be a blog post about this, too – as soon as I can take some solid pics of it), I got an Obsidian Black True Writer from Levenger that has THE MOST AWESOME italic that I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing with. As of now, I’m still not quite sure how to categorize it – stub, cursive, or crisp – but it’s SO sweet. Available now at Levenger B&M stores, but I don’t believe they’re available online yet.

Look for a review soon, if I can keep it out of my wife’s mitts. 🙂

BTW – See anything familiar in those pics from the DIY storage post? 🙂 Review coming up soon.


5 02 2008
Chris Meisenzahl

Nice work, looks good!

16 05 2008
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