A couple of links you should check out…

6 02 2008

Hi folks…happy 2008!  First post (and yes, I know it’s very late, and very overdue).

Here in Iowa, we’re digging out of a monster-ish snowstorm.  I know that those of you in Buffalo, Nashua, and other parts in the Northeast scoff at a mere 10″ overnight, but for us…that’s pretty good-sized.

At any rate, I’ve recently stumbled across a couple of great blogs that a few of you may not have made it to yet.  Levenger’s CEO and idea-maven, Steve Leveen, has started a blog.  As is one of Steve’s defining characteristics, the writing is superb; I think he does a terrific job of connecting with his readers (well, this one, anyway).  He includes some neat stories about the way that a few of their products came to be, as well as a great story about how came into existence.  Check it out !

My friend Scott has started a photo-blog of sorts, too.  Although he’s very modest about it, Scott’s photography skill is outstanding, and some of the pictures that I’ve taken and posted here have gotten their inspiration from his work.  Well done, Scott!

Here’s a teaser of Scott’s work.

And in other news…I haven’t totally fallen from the face of the earth.  I’ve got a few things cookin’.  Stay tuned for:

  • a multi-part Moleskine showdown
  • a couple of interesting (and potentially valuable for those of you with good-sized hands) hacks
  • a new ink (with a stink!)
  • a couple of pieces about vintage pens for those of you who might get the knack to start digging through relatives’ desk drawers for old stuff that might be fun to write with.

Stand by for the return of our regularly scheduled programming…




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