Paging all of you Minneapolites!

15 02 2008

Or those of you who are traveling there in the near future. 

Just got an email from a good friend of mine, Barry Rubin, owner of Ink.  For those of you who don’t know the store, or haven’t been there, let’s put it this way.

Pen heaven. 

This is a seriously remarkable place.  Patrick Rhone once referred to the Levenger store that he visited as “Mecca”; this is the pens and writing instruments equivalent.

Located atop one of the tallest buildings in the city, Barry’s “store” (personally, I think that the word “gallery” would be a better choice, but Barry is far too modest for that) is, without question, the nicest pen store that I’ve ever shopped in.  For fun, here’s a picture (that I borrowed from his website).

The glass display that you see in the far left of this picture is about 30-ish feet long, and it’s one of four that he has (the others are to your right, arranged in a back-to-back fashion).    In the center is a very comfortable place to lounge and chat with Barry, who I find to be a very engaging guy. 

The coolest thing, though?  The range of products that he carries.  You can walk in there and by a $15-20 Lamy ballpoint, or a $5,000 limited-edition Visconti fountain pen that’s one of twelve that are known to exist.  There’s truly something for everyone at his store.  His ink section is killer, by the way.  Nearly every major brand, and nearly every color. 

At any rate, I digress.  Back to his email.

Barry’s celebrating the launch of his new website with a sale!  Make an appointment with him to visit the store, and through the 15th of March, he’ll give you a 20% discount if you spend $100 or more, 25% if you spend $200 or more, and 30% if you spend over $400 (and believe me, you can spend that kind of money without batting an eyelash on a visit there – it took every ounce of strength I had to keep from killing the AmEx card while I was there on my last visit). 

The discounts are good on everything in the store that’s not limited edition, and believe me, if you stop in, there’s plenty of great stuff to catch your attention that’s NOT limited edition. 

For the record, I’m not on Barry’s payroll; he’s just a friend of mine who’s doing a terrific thing for those of us who really enjoy nice pens, and his store must be seen to be believed.  Take your camera when you visit.  The view is outstanding out of those windows, and there’s plenty of great eye candy in the store.

(And bring your checkbook.  You’ll want it.)




6 responses

15 02 2008

Argh! I moved away from Minneapolis a year ago, and I’m only learning about this store now???

Great. Another reason to head back. It’s getting so that my returns to the Twin Cities require 4 days just to visit all the great places I miss. Only on day 5 do I start to reconnect with friends.

15 02 2008

Oh come on, Dan. You get back there frequently enough, don’t you? Believe me, Ink is a great reason to add to the list.

15 02 2008
Patrick Rhone

I had heard of this store through word of mouth and advertisements in a local mag. Thing was, I work so far away and have a crazy enough life outside of work to never be able to make an appointment feasible. Now that I am on paternity leave, I think I will make an appointment.

Thanks for this write up Ryan. Keep ’em coming.

16 02 2008
Joe Smith

Good heavens! I could get into SO much trouble in that store, Ryan.

19 02 2008

I thought the LE limitation only applied to the discount at the $400 level.

19 02 2008

My guess is that it may be a case by case basis. As a good businessman, I can’t imagine that Barry would discount the price of an older LE like one of the Montblanc Writer’s Series. But you never know… 🙂

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