Stories that stick: Flypaper!

18 02 2008

I recently got an email from an old friend and colleague of mine who’s a self-described “startup-hunter” and boy…judging by the email he sent me, he’s hunted up a good one.  Have you seen Flypaper yet?

Rather than have me try to describe it (without playing with it yet), check out Pat Sullivan’s brief keynote remarks below (there’s also a little bit of a video too).

I think that this could potentially revolutionize the way that people use social media to share ideas with others.  What do you think?  Where could you see this fitting in?  Post your ideas in the comments section.




2 responses

18 02 2008
Brandon Zeuner


Thanks for the post and nice comments, we really appreciate it! I invite your readers to join our public beta at: Everyone can download the app for FREE and start creating custom Flash.



18 02 2008

You bet, Z! I’m in the process of building something right now. Mike, if you’re reading this, it’s the Al-Star v. Safari thing I said I’d do for you.

Folks, I think you’re going to start seeing a whole lot more of this type of application, and I think it’s absolutely outstanding. It allows a lot of creativity, but more importantly, it involves ease of use. We’ve all seen the cool stuff on flash-driven websites, but it’s not that easy to make stuff that looks snappy in Flash. I’ve tried. Failed miserably, too!

Brandon and his team have a long history of successful software releases, and I think that this may well be the next one for the trophy case.

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