Levenger jumps in with both feet…stub nibs!

7 05 2008

A quick one that I hadn’t had the chance to mention yet…

Levenger has recently jumped in to the world of customized nibs with a new stub/italic nib for their TrueWriter series!

I’ve had the chance to play with one of these for a while now (for a time, they were available in-store), and I have to say…it’s GREAT!  Super-smooth, and enough of an italic cut that it’ll give you great line variation!  Sadly, I don’t have any writing samples or homebrew pics because the TrueWriter is currently on loan to a good friend in North Hollywood.  When she’s done with it, though, I’ll take a few and post ’em up. 

Here’s a few pictures borrowed from their website.




One response

7 05 2008

I recently picked up a Seaglass True Writer with a medium stub from the Levenger in Tyson’s Corner, VA. I simply asked to swap nibs with an Obsidian, and the wonderful salespeople obliged! It’s a great pen; I use it for my most important correspondence, even though I could choose one of the more expensive pens in my collection. Great value!

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