Conklin Ohio: A couple of quick pictures…

3 07 2008

Hadn’t posted any pictures lately, and I thought these turned out pretty nicely.  What’s your take?





7 responses

3 07 2008

Nice pics, sharp pen!

5 07 2008

The blue Conklin Ohio is a beautiful pen. I had one that had a feed problem and couldn’t use it. I sent it back to Conklin and it came back without being fixed. I sent it back again and got them to give me a Nozak instead. It is a wonderful pen, but now I miss the shape of the Ohio.

17 07 2008

On Conklin, I would love to get a new Crescent filler one day.

20 08 2008
Andy Leo

Very nice pictures and a very good looking pen also. Can I get it in Singapore?

21 08 2008

Andy, that might be a bit of a trick. The Ohio is getting pretty tough to find, even here in the states.

But…let’s turn to crowdsourcing for this one. Can anyone help Andy out here? If you’ve got a link to one that you know is for sale, please post it here so Andy knows he’s got options!

Thanks all,

9 01 2009

Andy, I do have the steel nib version, and Rroossink has fiddle with it so it can give you an opinion on how well it writes. Please do contact me if you still wish one.

9 01 2009

If I do say so myself, that was a really impressive writer. When a previous owner told me about some issues with it, I suggested sending it to me so I could take a crack at fixing it. It took a little bit of work in choosing just the right feed to tweak for flow characteristics, but once I had the one I wanted, everything else came together pretty darn nicely. As far as a nice pen goes (Ondina’s is a little different color scheme than the one pictured above), this one is (in my opinion) the best of both worlds – great writer and great looks!

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