Levenger Decathlon: A study in modern elegance…

13 07 2008

For now, just a photo set.  Soon, a review.  If you’re wondering how it writes, though…it’s terrific.







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13 07 2008

Nice pics! 😉

17 07 2008
Donnie Winn


Are the nibs in the Truewriters similarly interchangeable with the Schmidt nibs used in the Bexleys?

17 07 2008

Donnie, great question, and I’m glad that you asked. I just tried it between the Decathlon and the TrueWriter, and the collars are of differing sizes – and being that the Decathlon and the Simplicity use the same-size nib, my guess is that they wouldn’t work together. It may be for the best, anyway, because the nib on the TrueWriter is noticeably smaller than the Decathlon. They wouldn’t have looked right together, in my book.

25 07 2008

Thanks to your recommendation and pix, I just ordered the Decathlon for my birthday! Any excuse to order another fountain pen.

18 08 2008

Follow up: I was so disappointed with the Decathlon’s cheap plastic look and feel that I immediately returned it.

18 08 2008

Van, I’m glad that you followed this up with some feedback. What was/is it specifically that you didn’t like about it? I know that I differ from some in that I like a lightweight pen, as I’m oftentimes writing for a long stretch and it’s more comfortable that way. I didn’t, however, feel like the Decathlon felt “cheap” in my hand. Granted, it doesn’t carry the same warmth in the hand that an ebonite pen might, and it doesn’t have the weight of the Plumpster; rather, it’s more along the lines of the weight of the TrueWriter. I’m bummed that it was a birthday present, though. I sort of feel a little responsible! 😦 Sorry about that!

19 08 2008

Thanks, Ryan. If I recall correctly the Decathlon’s premiere in the Levenger catalogue was accompanied by a description that likened it to “a strong handshake” – so, I was expecting a weighty pen. I have a couple of Pelikan M215s, which are even smaller but they seem to me to have a higher quality plastic than the Decathlon did. Of course the writing quality of the pen is the most important issue but I was also looking for a pen with some heft to it. However I have a Monteverde Bow-Tie, which is nice to look at but fatigues my hand quickly, it is so heavy. As far as my birthday present goes – your recommendation still won the day: The Shaeffer Balance that you saw on my blog is the “replacement” for the Decathlon! After I returned the Decathlon, (Levenger is very good about this, by the way) I re-read your $80 pens post and decided to go vintage. Fortunately, my wife is very gracious about letting me shop for my own birthday present. By the way, she has a Plumpster ball point and loves it. I am kind of interested in the Levenger Alloy fountain pen. Have you tried one yet?

19 03 2012
Levenger Reintroduces the Decathlon in a New Color | FPGeeks

[…] you’re not familiar with the Levenger Decathlon I would highly recommend you read this article at Brassing Adds Character. I’ve owned two of these pens and thought I still had one, but […]

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