More photos, just for fun…

17 07 2008

Went out with the 20/30 Road Rally alumni the other night for a cruise up to Ames, where I got a couple of neat pictures (with apologies to those who’ve seen these before). 




4 responses

17 07 2008

nice photos

17 07 2008

Thanks! I get lucky with the camera every once in a while. Family/friends/etc. aside, I’ve got two passions. Pens, and automotive. The photography aspect just seems to fit, you know?

17 07 2008

Beautiful shots. Looks like an MG TC possibly?

17 07 2008
Joe Smith

Ryan – how weird – that looks EXACTLY like my 53 MG TD center panel in your second shot. The wood/walnut dash was a non-standard panel that a guy made in LA – Mike Goodman (our restorer) sold them – Dad and I liked the way it looked, so we went “non-original” for that one part. I can tell it’s not my car because a) mine went to Canada and b) the piping around my edge was tan naugahyde, not green. What year was that one? Was it a TD or a TC?


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