Review: Edison Glenmont

18 07 2008


Before I get to this review, did anyone notice that Edison Pen Company has a pretty snappy new logo?!?!  Nice work, Brian!

First Impressions
As I’ve seen a few examples of Edison Pen Co.’s work and I was really impressed with them, I was looking forward to seeing what happened when I contacted Brian Gray about something for me.  What materialized turned out to be one of the most beautiful modern pens I own…my Edison Glenmont.

As many folks know, the Glenmont is designed after the flat-top Duofolds of the late 1920s.  It’s a rather classic design, in my book, and Brian renders it very well.  This design seems to have sold pretty well for him, if reviews like this one from my friend Steve, and this one from my friend Bryan are any indication of quality.

I chose acrylic for mine, and decided to try something a little different from the normal patterns I’d seen.  Here’s how it turned out.  I think it’s gorgeous!



The pictures can tell you the story better than my words can.  This is a Duofold-inspired design, so it’s not small.  It’s nicely sized and balanced, though, for my hand.  As far as the weight is concerned, it’s quite reasonable at 34g capped and loaded.  This one doesn’t post, though, so that number doesn’t really tell the whole story.  Uncapped and ready to write, the weight is about half of that.  The whole pen is very comfortable, but since it’s so important to me personally, I wanted to call your attention to the section.  Mine is acrylic (where others might be ebonite), but nonetheless, well-designed.  This section is really comfortable for me (and this is the place where pens win or lose in my book), and it can oftentimes be a bit of a challenge to find the right one for my hand.  This Glenmont’s section is super-comfortable.

Buttery smooth and true to width, the Taccia-sourced nib on this pen is simply as good as steel nibs can get.  The feed is neither overly wet nor overly dry with the inks that I write with (typically Waterman, Pelikan, and Lamy/Montblanc), but just right.  Cliche as that might sound, it’s pretty important to me, because as a lefty, I drag my hand over everything I write.  Just right is a must, not a luxury, in order to keep my hands clean! 

It writes just beautifully; it’s very smooth, and has just enough line variation to make my writing interesting.  For only $25 as an upgrade, I’d say that it’s definitely worth it to consider one of these nibs.  They’re that good.

Filling System
Nothing terribly special, as it’s a cartridge/converter-filled pen.  Along with the converter, Brian was kind enough to include a cartridge of Private Reserve’s American Blue, so those of you without an ink bottle at the office can get started right away.  I thought that this was a nice touch. 




Cost and Value
The Glenmont starts at $210, and optioned as mine is with a Taccia nib, it comes in at $235.  Here’s the thing, though.  The price doesn’t tell the whole story.  Can you name another company who’ll let you choose the material and influence the way the pen’s creation process takes shape?  Can you name another company that’ll photographically document the pen, or let you watch it being turned and assembled in real time over the web?  If you can find one for even three times the cost…your next drink is on me. 

Brian and I went back and forth a handful of times on the materials that he had, and different combinations of things that we thought would make for a neat design, and I think we found something together that’s both unique (I don’t think he’s done one like this for anyone else, with the white endcaps) and beautiful!  He spent a lot of time with me to ensure that I got exactly what I wanted, and that meant a lot to me.

Edison sets the mark about as high as one can set it, in my opinion.  It’s easy to see that Brian Gray loves what he does, and he’s truly passionate about it.  That’s why Edison is changing the face of modern writing instruments…one carefully crafted piece at a time. 





4 responses

18 07 2008

That second last pic looks like a tube of Chapstick. 😉

19 07 2008
Patrick Rhone

Beautiful pen and I great review. Might have to get one for myself one day.

27 07 2008

What?! Ryan, that’s crazy looking. I mean, crazy, in the best way possible. Nice one. Some day, I will have a pen made by that man, I swears it. 😀


30 04 2011

You came up with a gorgeous end-result. I’m working with Brian on a Mina and I hope it comes out just as beautiful.

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