Visconti Van Gogh: Has anyone ever noticed…

18 07 2008

…that Snoopy was on the design team?  I still can’t figure out why Visconti consulted Charlie Brown’s dog on their flagship pen.  Come on Visconti…what’s with the lettering on the backside of the cap?  The font from Peanuts?  Seriously. πŸ™‚ (Go ahead, Van Gogh owners…I’ll wait while you go and grab your Maxi and look at the cap.)  This is, from a design perspective, one of the only things that I felt didn’t “fit” the overall design of the pen.  Am I alone in this, or does someone else share my feelings on the matter?

I wish I’d gotten pictures of this feature of the pen, but alas, I didn’t.  I did, however, manage to get a couple that I liked.  I figured that’d be a good way to cap off this Friday’s posts.  Here’s a couple that I liked.




2 responses

19 07 2008
Patrick Rhone

Peanuts font or not, I have been wanting one of those pens for a while. Need to make an appointment with Barry at Ink! soon.

19 07 2008

Patrick, I thought about that conversation that we had about that pen while I was writing this post. πŸ™‚ Hope you get up to see Barry soon…I’m sure he’s got a handful of Van Goghs with your name on ’em.

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