Quick updates…

20 10 2008

Believe it or not, I’m still alive and kicking.  Life has been pretty busy and rather stressful of late, hence the conspicuous lack of postings from me.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I haven’t forgotten about the blog, but I’ve had to re-focus my attentions to other areas of life.  I hope that this situation will be remedied soon, but for now, my posts may be a little more scattered for now. 

However, there’s one thing that I did want to mention.  I got an email from Adam Alalouf at Holt’s Cigar Co., and he told me that they’ve decided to extend their sale on pens for the time being.  So, if there’s something that you’re looking for (aside from Pelikans – they’re out of those) that originally appeared on the list that I posted a while back, you might still want to give them a phone call.  There’s a good chance that they have what you’re looking for in stock, and at a terrific price!

Happy hunting!

Levenger Illuminator




3 responses

20 10 2008

Glad to hear you’re still kicking. 😉

20 10 2008

Taking a pen buying holiday at the inky domain but spending a little time working through all those ink samples that received no more than a dip test in the past. Might rediscover an old favorite pen while I’m at it. It’s good to enjoy a distraction these days, no?

10 03 2009

Oooh. Oh. New pen. Don’t do this to me. I am such a stationary addict. >.<

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