Handwritten: Waterman’s Commando review

25 09 2009

Decided I’d handwrite this one. These old Waterman’s models from the 40’s are, in my opinion, highly under-rated. Granted, they don’t always look perfect (Waterman’s had some issues with the materials they used during the 40’s before more stable plastics were available), but their nibs often make great writers!

(Click the individual scans for full(er) resolution so you can read them; otherwise, clean your glasses and enjoy!)




4 responses

25 09 2009

I love seeing handwritten stuff like this. Makes me wish I had more patience and better handwriting 🙂

Excellent find, I’ve been hoping to stumble into something with flex in my journeys but have yet to be so lucky.

25 09 2009

If it’s too short for your hands, I know a good home for it. Thanks for the review!

25 09 2009

Great review and pics!

26 09 2009

Wow, can you write tiny! Looks like you’re getting the hang of flex and with a sweet little nib at that. Good for you.

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