First Impressions: Varuna eyedroppers

9 10 2009

Tight on time today, kids, but I wanted to whet your appetite a little bit about a couple of incredible pens that I’ve been playing with for the past couple of days.  Varuna is an Indian company that makes ebonite pens, and I frankly couldn’t believe the quality that they pack into these things…especially for the price!  These things are truly outstanding!  Great nibs, gi-normous ink capacity, and REALLY cool finishes!  For less than $50 with a steel nib that writes this well, it’s really hard to go wrong!

I’ve got a full-scale review planned for these next week, comparing the Danitrio Densho raw ebonite to each of these two big eyedroppers from India…but for now, here’s a couple of quick shots of them side by side.

The Bakul finish compared to a Lamy 2000.

The Bakul finish compared to a Lamy 2000.

If you’re headed to NYC for the pen show, you should take a look at these things.  Look for Steve Braun’s display and his big smile.  I know Steve, and he’s a top-notch fella!

The smooth matte finish clipless eyedropper compared to the Danitrio Densho.

The smooth matte finish Vishal eyedropper compared to the Danitrio Densho.



10 responses

9 10 2009
Julie (Okami)

Nice looking pens. Can’t wait for the full review.

9 10 2009

Nice post! I’ll link to it in the AM. 😉

9 10 2009
Andrew Hoffman

I’ve got one in a green and black mottled hard rubber. It is beautiful and writes beautifully. My only issue has been leakage. If you leave the pen on its side it is likely to leak out of the nib. I’ve also had a problem with leakage through the section and barrel joint. I’ve reapplied silicon sealant twice and used a lot more the second time. So far so good, but if it leaks again through this joint I’ll have to try to figure something else out.

I like this pen and really want to solve this problem.


9 10 2009

What a tease!

13 11 2009

I’d really love to see a full review of these.

17 11 2009

These are so stylish pens!

21 11 2009

Looking forward to the article. I somehow thought these pens were very expensive, maybe because of the Danitro in the picture. What a great surprise to find they are affordable!

26 01 2010
manek deepak

Respected Sir,

I am interested to purchase above two pens (varuna eye dropper fountain
pen ) I am indian, so it will be convinient to purchase if have proper contact
(phone no. address) where it has been available.
so please Sir, I will be much much thankful to you, if you can give me help in
above said matter.
Thanks a lot.
Deepak Manek

14 02 2010

I’d talk to Steve Braun at All Write Now. I’m sure that he can help you out. Good luck!

11 05 2011
Dave Seah

This one caught my eye…checking it out! 🙂

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