Um…hello? Is this thing on?

21 05 2013




I’m not totally sure that this is a triumphant return to all that was Brassing, but if nothing else, maybe it’s a few pictures and possibly some words every now and again.

Lots has changed. Lots hasn’t. Keep writing, folks. That’s why we all picked up a pen in the first place, right?



4 responses

22 05 2013

Good to have you back.

23 05 2013

Thanks Dan! Congrats on the recent change up in the career, by the way. How’s the transition?

9 07 2013

Sure would be nice to have all the rest of the images on your blog back.

9 07 2013

Agreed. Sadly, it’s not gonna happen. I had an issue with a web provider and I lost pretty much everything. 😦

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