Who is this guy, anyway?

Hi.  I’m Ryan.   I’m a hopeless accumulator of hobbies, and from time to time, I hit a creative streak and come up with something new and interesting.  More often than not, though, I’ll post about fountain pens and other such low-tech methods of idea capture.

Thanks for stopping by!  The last one to leave…hit the lights.

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12 10 2007
Patrick Rhone

Awesome job so far. Keep it up!

13 10 2007

Only three articles in, and your site is already in my daily feeds. I look forward to learning more!

13 10 2007

Oi! Talk about setting me up for some great expectations! Hope I can oblige.

Look for another Levenger hack. I’ve got this idea involving a chip clip and some Circa rings…I’ll do a better job of photographing this one.

3 11 2007

Hi, hi, hi from a fellow FPN’er! 🙂 I liked your Conklin Victory review.

9 11 2007
Brian Gray

Hey Ryan.

Love your blog.

Is there a way to subscribe?

I have it bookmarked, but I like it when blogs can automatically let me know when they have been updated.


13 11 2007

Hi Leigh (and Brian) – Thanks for the support! Leigh, you can expect a more thorough review of the Victory when (if?) I finally get some time to write it.

Brian, as far as subscribing goes, I know that Firefox allows you to subscribe from the address bar (that little orange icon). For now, that’s about the easiest way that I know how to subscribe. Either that, or I think you can add it to your del.ic.ious and Technorati feeds as well. I’m still a little bit new to the subscription piece, but I’ll keep looking into it and see if I can’t find a way to make it a little more user-friendly.

Thanks again!

4 12 2007

Hi Ryan,
I’ve just added your site to my daily feeds. I have quite a few fountain pens (my other half says I should get a life and start acting my age, rather than like her grandfather, but I digress), so, naturally, you caught my interest. I found your site through Patrick Rhone’s Flickr photos while searching for productivity pr0n. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more!

10 12 2007

Thanks Stew! I’m fixin’ to put out a few new posts here pretty soon. It’s been too long…I need to get back on the train!

11 12 2007
Scott Uthe

Ryan, I sold you a fine Jetta back in May and your affinity for pens rubbed off on me. I started off with a pretty basic Waterman Phileas and am looking to upgrade and perhaps go vintage. Let me know if you have any suggestions on a step up and let me know how things are going in general and if you still love the car. I was also thinking of joining the 20/30 society now that I work in Des Moines. I was wondering if you have any insight on if I should or not, or if you are even a member ( I thought I remembered you saying you were ). I put my personal and my work email in the required fields above. I’d love to hear from you if you have the time. Thanks,
Scott Uthe

11 12 2007

Scott, you’ve got an email. 🙂

And what are you doing up so late, anyway? 🙂

26 02 2008


Awesome blog. Love the new write up on Brian Gray’s pens!!!



24 03 2008
Michael Montgomery

Your posts and photos are very good and much appreciated.

I’m also an “accumulator of hobbies” (though hopefully not “hopeless”), but some of those hobbies can become expensive. For example, anybody can get a good bottle of wine for $50, though you can find a “value wine” if you learn a few things.

Similarly, I’ve been happy with my Waterman Phileas and Noodler’s Ink, definitely a “value” combination. Any chance of a post on “good fountain pens under $75”? Or perhaps “quality fountain pens on a budget”?

25 03 2008

Michael, it’s interesting you mention that…I’ve been working on one for a while now. There’s a handful of simply outstanding pens that’ll easily fit into the sub-$75 category. Look for it soon.

16 05 2008

I’m new to fountain pens, but am having a ball reading about them and trying them out. Have expanded the obsession from pens to ink to paper, which I’m sure happens to many. What I’ve noticed is how incredibly gracious the members of the fp community are – especially Fountain Pen Network.

I love your blog and hope you’ll keep sharing. Your writing is clear and enthusiastic and much appreciated. Thanks!

28 05 2008
Oliver O'Bryan

I posted about the Thompson pen and the Spencerian nib on FPN. I hope you’ve had a chance to see the pictures I added. I rather expect of the Thompsons you have, one of them is similar to mine. I like your blog. It’s very lively, interesting and well written. I will enjoy visiting again. All the best,

29 05 2008

Hey Ryan, just thought I’d say a quick hello from a fellow FPNer.

30 05 2008

Hey, Ryan
Cool site! Good job!
… from another FP nut!

26 06 2008
donna cameron

Hi from a fellow FPNer. How’s the adoption thing going? Hang in there – we have two great girls (7 and 12) we adopted from China. God’s second greatest gift is children! Love the website!


1 07 2008

Clicked your signature on FPN. Very cool and well-written/prepared blog! Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing.
P.S. Lamy Studio Palladium’s rock! Hehe!

2 11 2008
Phil R

I love your blog, and your photos are amazing. I just bought the Taccia Staccato Lunar Blue for my dad on your recommendation. I can’t wait for him to try it out. He used to be a choral conductor, so I hope he likes the style.

You taught me all I know about fountain pens. I am actually a Space Pen fanatic. I am ashamed to be writing among the fountain pen aficionados, but the Space Pen is as close to a fountain pen the ball point comes.



18 12 2008

I just bought the Conklin Victory Fountain Pen Gift Set – I feel a little off because I have no idea how to get it to work. Do I need to add ink? I am soo unfamiliar with this product but would like to put it to good use. Any help would be appreciated!

28 01 2009

Just wanted to compliment you on your (wonderful) blog! Also to wish you the best of luck with your cancer ordeal. I’ve dealt with it numerous times in my family & it’s a horrible beast. Also, I’m trying my hand at a blog concentrating on fountain pens as well. Would you like to share links? If you’ll email me, I’ll send you the address (I don’t want to post it here as that wouldn’t be appropriate).

Thanks & Best of luck to you!
Will Isaac

19 02 2009

“hopeless accumulator of hobbies”. Oh crap. I think my wife was hoping there was only one of me. We’ll only go and encourage each other!

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